'Terror threat won't harm Euro experience'

England fans in Marseille say that they’re determined to enjoy Euro 2016, despite the threat of terrorism.

The tournament begins on Friday, with England, Wales and Northern Ireland all in action over the weekend.

The Foreign Office has warned British fans travelling to France to be vigilant because there is a “high threat from terrorism”.

The country remains in a state of emergency after the attacks in Paris last November in which 130 people died.

Terror simulation exercise in Lyon

Image caption A major anti-terrorism exercise was held at Lyon’s fan zone on Tuesday

A major security operation is in place across France for the duration of the tournament, with 90,000 police and other officials patrolling fan zones and stadiums.

“I’m not really concerned by the threat,” admits Matt Russell from Swindon.

“It all sounds like it’s going to be under control and there’s enough in place to prevent anything from happening.”

Matt Russell and Joel Burton

Matt and his friend Joel Burton told Newsbeat that they had seen plenty of police officers since arriving in Marseille on Wednesday and felt comfortable with the situation.

“People keep saying, ‘Be careful’ but it could be the same when you go out shopping,” says Joel.

With England, Northern Ireland and Wales all qualifying, record numbers of UK fans are expected to head to France over the next four weeks.

Many will watch games at official fan zones set up across the country.

Fan zone in Marseille

Image caption The fan zone in Marseille having some last-minute adjustments

They, along with stadiums, train stations and airports, have all been highlighted as possible targets by French officials.

As a result, delays are expected at fan zones and stadiums as bag searches and pat downs are carried out on everyone entering.

“I’m not necessarily worried but it always runs the high risk of a chance of an attack with what’s happened before in Paris and as long as all the checks are done I think we’ll be fine,” says Kurtis Barrett from Southampton.

England fans in Marseille

Image caption England play Russia in Marseille on Saturday

Twenty-two-year-old Nick Jackson says: “I think it’s good those checks are there, it’s like when you go to an airport – you’d rather those checks were there than not at all.

“I’d rather wait for an hour or so, than get in to a stadium with no checks.”

Tear gas fired at fans in Marseille

Image caption French police used tear gas to disperse England football fans and local people in Marseille

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